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Three Methods Involved In Quality Management Of An Organization

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When you are someone who engages with an organization either as an employee or especially as a customer, you are going to need one factor to be prioritized over others: quality. If you are a customer and you end up purchasing a product from an organization or brand and if the quality is low and has no standards then naturally it is going to upset you as a customer. From here, if you reach out to necessary authorities to get the issue solved and they do not take care of the issue as they should, then it is further going to disappoint you as a customer. Things like these always happen in the world and is quite easy to spot but if this does happen within your own organization, then it is safe to say that your quality needs to improve by a lot. Quality is what gets you your customers. If you are not going to work hard in order to make sure that your products are all up to standard and your customer handling section is also up to standard, you would not have customers backing up what you are doing. So here are some globally accepted methods that are involved in the quality management of organizations.

FADE modelThis method or model consists of four different parts: Focus, Analyze, Develop and Execute. Under focus you have to focus on the problem area and then when it comes to the second step you have to analyze date in order to see if you can come up with a solution to the problem. Once that is done you develop data plans for improvement and implementation of this problem, and when it comes to the final step you simply have to execute the plan. This can be done to an environmental management system under ISO 14001 as well.

PDSA modelThis model is also globally one of the most important models when it comes to quality management under the standards of ISO 9001. This model is also split in to parts and they are; plan, do study and act. The whole model is revolving around building up knowledge and applying that in order to improve a problem area within the system. Unlike FADE model however, this method needs to be repeated and done over and over again for a few times.

Top Quality ManagementWhile this system was first used in Japan and then forwarded to places like USA and Europe, it is now a system used all around the world. This method revolves around letting all employees to participate in the solving of all problems within the management. This means all processes to do with product delivery, customer care and all things in between as well. It prioritizes customer satisfaction and is a very useful method even today.

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