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What Are The Uses Of The Black Glass Bottle

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You may have seen different colors of glass bottles in the market and you may have thought that these are just the colors but this is not the case. Each bottle is colored for a specific reason and it has a specific use and benefits. The manufacturing of the glass bottle has been going since the 1000 BC. Although in the early ages, all the glass bottles Melbourne were manufactured in the transparent color but over the time the bottles started to come in different colors. 

This happened because some time in the early ages it was first discovered by the brewers that the bears which were stored in the transparent glass bottle was more exposed to the sun light and since the transparent bottle let the UV light of the sun pass through the beer and thereby it affected the taste of the beer. Over the time they realized that they need a bottle which could provide better protection against UV lights of the sun so that they could store their beer for longer period of time without any change of the taste. Due to this reason, they switched to the black glass bottle. Since black color provide good protection against UV and due to this reason, these black glass bottles were named as the UV bottles. 

UV rays could prove to be much more damaging for the food and liquid items because it the liquid items, these cause the chemicals to react with one another and to create a reaction which results in the change of taste of the drink. Even though, this may not be applied to all the drinks but still there is a fair chance that this could happen and therefore prevention is always a better way.

Although the interesting thing about the black glass bottles which you see is that these are not actually black but originally are violet and this could be seen when it is exposed to the light. The glass from which these bottles are made is designed and manufactured in a way that it is used to absorb all the lights and when all the light is absorbed and no light is reflected back to the eye the bottle appears to be black. These black glass bottles are used in laboratories as well for keeping various kind of chemicals because these provide great protection against all kind of bacteria. Although UV light could have some good properties as well and it has been proved that these are actually used as an anti-bacteria agent which kills the bacteria. The amber bottles which are also used like UV bottles blocks out all the light including the UV and thereby preventing the good thing about the passing of the light as well.

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